A downloadable Five Nights at Helpy's for Windows

FNAF Fan Game

I created this Fan Game with a lot of amazing persons!

This is a simple fnaf fan game I created that you can play for free!

There will be spoil about enemies at the end of the description!

First things first, There may be glitches and I am sorry if you ever face some!

Please give me feedback so I can improve on quality!

Controls :

W, Z, Left Control : Flashlight

X : Mask

C : Monitor

Escape : Exit Game


Scott Cawthon

Brian Roberts



Not Jace Games

Steel Whool



There I will spoil some things about how to deal with the game's characters:

Funtime Helpy: Move Around, put on mask to dodge.

Helpy: Sometimes make a little laugh, touch him to stop him from moving.

Puppet: Wind Up music Box.

Ghost Helpy: Sometimes appear, Close Camera Monitor to dodge.

Endo: Sometimes appear, Close Camera Monitor or change camera to dodge.

Updated 5 days ago
Published 10 days ago
AuthorOuter Clouds Games
GenreSurvival, Strategy
TagsCreepy, Fangame, five-nights-at-freddys, fnaf, helpy, Horror, outercloudsgames


Five Nights at Helpy's 64 bit 51 MB
Five Nights at Helpy's 32 bit 49 MB


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I tried out the game and recorded it for youtube! It was overall good quality but my biggest issue was its difficulty....I couldn't even beat night 2 due to how intense it is, if the creators read this please watch my video to understand what i mean. 


So I replied under your Youtube video!

Thank you for playing!

- Outer Clouds Games -

(1 edit)

I had alot of fun playing and voice acting for this game thanks for the experience and I hope I can work on future projects with Outer Clouds Games.


This game is scarier then the original trust me I ain't afraid of playing original.

But this Jeez.


Thanks for the video!

It was really funny!

Thank you for that amazing message! That really means to me and is impressive to read as a developper!

Have a great day!

- Outer Clouds Games -

Hello Outer Space Games! I played your game and I got SUPER SCARED!! Go check it out if you can! Thank you! 

Hey thanks for the vid :)

But my name is Outer Clouds Games not Outer Space Games ;)

Have a great day!

Ohh sorry about that... I didnt even notice..

No problem!

I find it pretty funny :)

Have an amazing day :3

- Outer Clouds Games -

loved this game its a lot similar to the second one but glad i was able to see another fnaf game , also hope you enjoy the video


Thank you so much for playing my game!

Have a great day!

- Outer Clouds Games -

here is the next part my friend. 😁


Thank you so much!

Good luck for next time! ;)

Maybe try to use the keyboard to use mask and cameras!

It vould help!

Have a good day!

- Outer Clouds Games -

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti


Thank you so much for this amazing video!

There has been no bugs during your playtrough.

It's only Funtime Helpy who is taunting you while you watch the cameras :)

So it's not a bug actually.

Thank you sooooo much for playing and hope to see you soon :)

- Outer Clouds Games -