A downloadable Pixel Horror Maze for Windows and macOS


//Fixed Ending

//Fixed a text glitch at a certain room

Go from room to room.

Find your way out of this maze.

Is this a nightmare or reality?

These monsters will tell you...

Credits :

Y S E N G E : Music, Story, Ideas

OuterCloudsGames : Programming, Art, Music, Ideas


How to deal with the monsters :

1st : Always look at him

2nd : Run away

3rd : Walk away

4th : Run Away and deal with your environment


Tension Mac 148 MB
Tension Windows x86_64 142 MB


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Is it winnable? I mean i've alredy passed 150 rooms but when i collect the 6 items on room 151 it instantly kills me, is that ok or just an error?


That is the end of the game actually :3

Thank you for playing!

- Outer Clouds Games -

Woah, i never expected it, very cool game!

Thank you!

That really means a lot to me!

- Outer Clouds Games -



What is the problem?

Well I see the window is small but can't you resize it or switch to fullscreen ?

The button for full screen was greyed out and I couldn't use the corners to resize.  It may be a problem with the build when it was made for mac?

I am sorry you experienced this... :/

Played this one yesterday. I love that there's different monsters, good choice.

Thank you soooooo much for playing my game!

I am actually sad to see there are graphical issues during game.
Like the black triangles in the water level... :/
Don't know if it's my fault :(

I am actually surprised that my game stressed you so much!
I would have never thought this would have hapenned someday.
Scaring someone with one of my game is actually an amazing reward!


Have a good day!

- Outer Clouds Games -

I have a question: if you die you always have to start from the beginning?


No, you start from the last checkpoint...

Every 50 rooms, you get a checkpoint and can resume at it this point.

I am sorry if you don't like this way of saving but that's how i got it to for :3

Thank you for your comment and for playing.

See you son ;)

a checkpoint every 50 rooms is Ok :) I appreciate very much your answer :)


You're welcome :)

Thank you so much for playing :3

Really cool game, reminded me of Spooky house of jumpscares :) 

Played this in a little compilation vid. Really liked the 16 bit horror feel to this. good work!

Thank you soooo much !

It is actually possible, have to go by more rooms and the game changes to get to other vibes and rooms :)

Maybe you could try to beat it :)

You where actually the first one that played my game that went that far !!! Well done !

Thank you for the video !

See you soon ;)

I might have to now! Will post here if I get to the end!

Definitely had some tension while playing the game, hah

Thank you soooooo much!

That means a lot and it was very funny!


Thank you so much!

Was that to hard ?

Hope you stressed ;)

If you have any thoughts, please share them so i can maybe improve :)

Thank you

See you soon ;)

lol :D no stress but is cool idea .. deja vu P.T :p